Sunday, June 1, 2014

Champions Committed To KIDS

Champions Committed to KIDS believes that a child and an athlete can learn life lessons from one another. This organization was formed with one purpose and that purpose is to take KIDS who are fighting chronic illnesses and give them a chance to feel what it’s like to be part of an athletic team. To know what it means to be a teammate, to have a feeling of fellowship, and a chance to build lifelong friendships.

They hope that kids are inspired, learn to never quit or give up, and are driven by passion.  Additional benefits allow the young athletes to be empowered by being part of a team, to know that they are in the fight together, to have hope, and to share in building character in sports and in life. Most of all these folks want the KIDS to live the life of a CHAMPION!!

Champions Committed to KIDS works with children from the age of 5 years up to 18 years old. KIDS become official teammates of the school they are partnered with and develop a relationship with the athletes and coaches. They give children and their families an opportunity to forget about their illness and all of the medication, doctors visits and therapy they endure and let them focus on something joyful, a feeling of hope.

Learn more at the Champions Committed to KIDS website. Listen to the complete interview