Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gathering Friends

Gathering Friends for the Homeless is a community of friends with a common heart for supporting our homeless neighbors like family while forging lifelong friendships. They serve Springfield, MO by focusing on the needs of the growing homeless and food insecure population. The primary focus is to provide complete meals to the homeless, but in certain cases they will get involved in providing for other needs as approved by their board.

Because of generous volunteers they are able to gather items such as meal ingredients, completed meal components, and supplies for distribution to our homeless neighbors. The core of this program includes regular pick-ups from local farmers and stores in the community. Additionally, Gathering Friends has many groups, churches, teams, and businesses that will give a complete meal or prepare and freeze main dishes. They also receive financial contributions and convert them into the efficient purchase of items needed. Additionally, there is an Amazon list where items can be purchased and shipped directly to the Gathering Friends storage space (…/wi…/2NRY4O133L2UF/ref=topnav_lists_2).

If you are interested in learning more, please ask to join the Closed Group on Facebook when you search Gathering Friends or visit their website.

Here's the full interview for you to hear when you like.