Monday, June 3, 2013


LeadHer believes that every woman is a leader–because each woman is making an impact and influencing someone around her every day. Their goal is to help women see themselves through this truth, to equip them based on Biblical teaching, and to encourage each woman to put hands and feet to her faith and impact the world around her for Christ.

LeadHer has international and local chapters that meet twice a month and this platform gives the coordinators a mix of structure and flexibility. The first meeting focuses on structure to the chapters. Each chapters is given the same teaching video on our theme of the month to watch and discuss together.  Since each chapter is watching the same video it allows all chapters nationwide to discuss the topics in their chapters as well as online through Facebook and Twitter.
The second meeting  provides flexibility to the chapters.  Coordinators can use this second meeting anyway they choose as long as the reinforce the monthly LeadHer theme.  Here are some examples of ways that chapters personalize themselves through their second meetings:
Community Service Projects

Sharing Testimonies or Group Discussion

Praise and Worship time

Additional Teaching or Bible study on the topic

Prayer Time

Mentoring Time

Guest Speakers

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Hear the full interview by clicking here: LeadHer Interview.