Friday, May 1, 2015

Springfield Regional Arts Council

The Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) has a mission to transform lives and enrich our community through the arts. They work to connect people and the arts. SRAC supports some of the most prominent visual, performing, literary and film/media arts organizations within 27 counties, making it the largest outreach of any in the state of Missouri.

The SRAC  is comprised of a 21-member board and has a full-time Executive Director, Finance Director, Programs/Exhibition Director and Executive Assistant/Facility Manager. There are also several active volunteers who help with major events and projects. The SRAC has developed a solid internship program with local universities.

The vision of SRAC is to make the arts a vital part of the community, which is a place where the arts are essential.The SRAC's operations are funded through memberships, festival/event proceeds, grants, donations and a portion of the local hotel/motel tax. They also body a list of values that include creativity in all forms, collaboration and partnerships, leadership, innovation, quality, diversity and inclusiveness, accessibility, growth and education, as well as sustainability. 

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