Monday, September 1, 2014

Pregnancy Care Center

The Pregnancy Care Center  is committed to, " Providing health, wellness, and relationship services and education for young people facing an unplanned pregnancy, and presenting healthy relationship education in local schools to equip teens to make positive choices," as their mission statement reads. They provide a number of services including Adoption Education, a Pregnancy Testing Program, and Community Medical Referral.

The  PCC has helped enrich relationships and they have impacted the community in several ways. Among those changes have been a decline in teen pregnancy and since opening in 2000, they have served over 237,500 young people at no cost to the individuals served.  They also visit schools to advocate abstinence education through the Choice Project

Educational, community, and foundation collaborations are what keep PCC thriving. Pregnancy Care Center is one of the fastest growing organizations of its type in the United States. You can help the PCC continue to educate the Ozarks. Volunteer opportunities range from mentorship to administrative tasks. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to see the list. Call 417-877-0800 to speak with someone at PCC or email and set up an appointment today!

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