Monday, July 1, 2013

Springfield Greene County Park Board

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board is committed to provide the highest quality of leisure opportunities, to offer programs for relaxation as well as stimulation, and to encourage personal and community enrichment for the citizens of Springfield, Missouri.They were established May 22, 1913, after Springfield voters overwhelmingly approved a tax for establishment and maintenance of free public parks and playgrounds. The new Park Board took over maintenance of Washington and Lafayette (both est. 1869) and set about planning and acquiring new parks. 

The mission to take parks to another level is evidenced with programs such as Hearts ‘n Parks, which encourages people to enjoy a more active lifestyle. The Community Olympic Development Program fosters efforts in tennis, weightlifting, ice hockey and volleyball.

The department is incorporating a network of linear parks and trails that run near and around geologically unique areas of the Ozarks, such as creek beds and springs. These parks and greenways protect the environment and the animals that make a habitat in them, in addition to offering play space.

A nationally-known organization, the Parks Department has been named a Gold Medal 
Award-winning system by the National Recreation and Park Association.