Thursday, August 1, 2013

Killuminati Foundation

The Killuminati Foundation was established the fall of 2008 in Southwest Missouri. Their founder, Jeanna Callahan, knew that it would be impossible to save every life but made it a priority to focus on the lives that Killuminati could save. No matter the breed, age, size, etc. the foundation has worked hard to save hundreds of lives in just a few short years through rescue and their vet assistance program.

The Killuminati Foundation is named for a very special rescue dog who passed before her time, but  touched the hearts of many. Her name was Nati / Lil’ Mama and is short for the word Killuminati and comes from the African philosophy meaning change for the better – continually striving to be better. Killuminati Foundation is a tribute to Nati’s memory – but the word also represents their focus – CHANGE.

While unforeseen vet assistance is the main financial focus, they also work with area rescue groups to promote adoption. Education is another pillar Killuminati as founded on. They work with the community to teach the importance of animal welfare, proper vet care, training needs, and help families stay with their pets throughout life's trials and tribulations. They have partnered with various groups for educational program like the Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts of America, and the Library Center. Killuminati believes this cause belongs to the community and hopes you will make it your personal cause too and get involved. 

Learn more now at: The Killuminati Foundation  website.