Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield

The primary mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield is to enhance the quality of life for youth as participating members of a richly diverse society. With special concern for the disadvantaged, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield helps youth to help themselves realize their potential for growth and development. Basing its program on member and community involvement and a recognized role as a spokesman for youth, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield is aware of the influences of the total environment, thus providing youth with relevant, everyday various and diversified individual and group services. These demonstrate that adults care for youth and truly desire to help them grow into contributing human beings with the necessary skills for living. Therefore, to accomplish it’s mission, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield must provide programs based on principles of behavioral guidance, which will achieve the health, social, educational, vocational, character and leadership development of our membership. Learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield today.