Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rainbow Network

Many complaints among every day conversation are that we need to clean up the house, grab something to eat, or do dreaded school work. It's rare that we consider that we don't have a house to clean, we don't have food available to assuage our hunger, or that educational opportunities are a luxury. Nicaragua knows too well what it's like to be underprivileged but fortunately, The Rainbow Network is committed to changing this lack in misfortune.

Since 1995, The Rainbow Network has made it their mision to:
"share in the love of God by partnering with Nicaragua’s poorest people in healthcare, education, economic development, and housing." As well, "We value Christ’s call to serve the poor. We respect the dignity of all people without exception. We value effective partnership.We value the expression of faith demonstrated in the act of giving."
This month Brian Hom will us how The Rainbow Network is affecting the Ozarks. He will share stories about trips to Nicaragua and tell us how both financial support and volunteer action is helping make positive change for this country. You might even discover that you're ready to "kick the tires" for a few days by taking a trip to Nicaragua.

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